Thursday, 3 August 2017

21 Cute Texts To Send To Your Girlfriend

That beatific message that sparks relationship to become better.
Well, here is an opportunity to send it to them

*Cute Texts To Send To Your Girlfriend*

If ever I fall in love with someone else know it's not me for this me texting this message loves but you and you alone

On the Peak and never to see Me Low is where you place Me ever since I fell in love with you 

I am so in love with you that a thousand pain amplified will not meet against your love

Loving you is what I was never promised but yet I got by the just hands of fate meeting an unjust me

No song sound half as sweet than the songs in your heart when I lie on your chest 

As fair as the Roses indispensable to the gardens so is your love to me

Your are to me what the last breath is to a dying man

You are like Roses never losing its novelty to me

If ever you cease to be on earth, I never want to live one day more

You bring not just the best in me but help me reach the sky whilst I hardly try

With you I understand what flying without wings really means

Not by ruth but pure truth, your love helps me I'm living whilst before I only existed

I love you twice more than thrice the love I bare for 25th of December because you are too me more a gift

You make me feel better even when everything seem worse

Your face makes all the dead in me breathe life again

You arouse a thousand stir of joy in heart and in your solace I am filled

Like water is to a fish's sustenance so are you to me all my life

I am so in love love with you that a thousand rainy day or Winter cannot beat that love to nothingness

You are everything that life needs to a man to make sense and without your all is nonsense

From dawn to dusk, you breathe a life in me like a new embrace of early morning sunshine and in your solace I'm most happy

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