Wednesday, 16 August 2017

21 Cute Things To Say To Him

It's not all left to the guys to say, send him that text and letting him know you are as committed and love him as much. 

*Cute Things To Say To Him*

If the heavens ever gave me something to be happy for twas the day I saw you because there and then I knew I had met the one

You are the one that I really want to spend my whole life with, you and no one else

There's many a guy I have felt like I love but meeting you, I didn't just feel it I knew right away

Loving me and knowing I mean a lot to you, I couldn't have wished for anything else

You feed so strong a passion into my heart that each time I wonder how come I never loved you since

Your love is to me my greatest weapon and weakness. 

You are my everything, my summer, my spring, my sunshine and my rain. 
You are my everything

Being pledged to love and live with you is the one gift I asked of life ever since the first day we met

Loving you makes me feel like a child again waiting for her father to come back home

You may not be the loveliest on earth or the most beautiful but to me you are everything I wouldn't wish other ways

You are like a cushion to me when the whole world's beating me down. 
You are my assurance

Loving you is like nothing I've ever felt, it's like heaven touching the depth of my soul 

I feel you are like a prophecy of happy times promised. 
You are my everything

Like a yo-yo, you make me dangle my heart in joy and pure ecstasy just thinking of you

You my love I long more than food in a belly

Once in a blue moon only can never be a love as I love you because I love you like nothing else

You make my life replete in such joy as though unquantifiable

I always knew it was inevitable to fall in love with you from the first day you said hello

You are my reason to be joyful without a need for seasons

You are like my heaven on this hell called earth

I can swear loving you is like when the curtains of the heavens open all to send unbound amount of joyfulness to my soul

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