Thursday, 3 August 2017

21 Cute Things To Text Your Crush

You have a crush and you want to avow that you feel for them. 
Then tell them so 

*Cute Things To Text Your Crush*

I love that I love you but hate that you know not that I love you

I'm so in love with you in my life that gives no room to see the night with insomnia ever since I set my eyes on you

You loving me is ever like a plan that till now sees no fruition

Ever since the first day I saw you, my heart is joyful from knowing you but sad that you are not mine

You bring out the showers of Manna to my soul but never to taste from it

I love you so much more and in a million ways but my mouth knows no one way to say to you how much dear crush

The very sun from your face is as brightsome as the sun but I wishing that sun is mine to keep that I may have you for me

I admit not everything last but my feelings seems not a mere fad and I must confess I really feel for you

I would lie if I say with endless times of seeing you walk beside, I hoard no wish to approach because I am really in your mercy for love's sake

If at all, you hold me thrall in love of you more than anything else in my life

The very day I caught your gaze, it was as though the heavens met the earth

Seeing you, I can't help but feel your heart unattainable is my one chance to profess myself and my love to you because I love you do much

Many times in my head, you've smiled at me, I must say I can't wait to see you smile for me in reality with your smile like the rainbow

Like a dance from running water, you make me seem because my heart fluctuate thinking you'd want me too

My love is nothing like the sun for you because it'll never wane and I more than wish you'd reciprocate too

Dearest crush, if only you knew of this weird magnet your smile possess that catches me all the time because I wish they shine for me alone

You know what you are too me is like a wish that I hold but is far from fruition but even so wishes come true sometimes

I would to be the one loving you and even sometimes I feel you love me too. 

Not only in my life is room for a sun but should you give heed to me and personalize that smile of yours for me then must heaven have visited me truly

I am more happy than two birds on a twig by spring to have ever chanced on you but more than that will be that you say yes to me

Crushing on you is a crush to my soul in that even still you do not notice my love for you

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