Wednesday, 16 August 2017

21 Flirty Quotes For Her

Too many a relationship lose the spark because of dying romance, don't fall victim and keep the fire up with messages like this.

*Flirty Quotes For Her*

Baby right now I can feel your breath running down my nape in the perfect ecstasy and God knows that for you I can forever feel this way

Seeing this couple beside me makes me just want to get with you soon because I can see us in them
Can't wait to see you my love

Baby right now I could think of a thousand things I'll do with you just to make you understand how much I feel for you

The juices from the store of your kisses are like a drop of Manna from above and I want to be drowned in it

To hear my name on your lips sweet and soft as the wind is passions being burnt in my soul to enact

I can feel embers of passionate desires burning upon my soul right now and I just want to get with you to make you know how much it is

I feel so much like I'm lost in reason like a tiger awaiting it's prey and I just want to get with you right now

To hold you in ways I have never done before and hear you utter my name in sheer delight is a passion brewing in my soul even to this instant

I can feel you next to me reaching for my face and fondling them in your chest my love, please come and make this fantasies real dear

The sound of thunder hold nothing in might to the pleasing sensation I get from your voice, O! baby I miss you so much

I wish I were to wind to ripple under your shirt and feel you next to me

Having to make you call my name and feel you body on mine is like heaven manifesting on earth and I want that you

The promises of your kisses is like nothing compared before its like honey to my taste

Cannot wait further to see you before me and us together in love till the wane of night. 
Get home soon dear

Your flawless body next to mine bent in the purest form of ecstasy, that how much I beckon my desires with you right now and I just cannot wait more minutes than I feel for you now

You are in my heart like the clouds are hung in the sky, my love I will give it all to be near you right now

Being beside you too be your pillow sharer, bed companion and our kisses exchanged, heavens knows that's where I want to be right now

How like the shine of an eternal sunshine you make me feel is nothing I ever felt

With you, I can swear there's no better love making through the night because you are heaven at its best

Your body entwined with mine like Nature's divine, I can swear it's the one thing I'll give the world for

I will trade nothing to the blessings of your snuggles and cuddles and kisses that only you know how to give to me flawlessly

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