Thursday, 3 August 2017

21 I Love You Message

They say love is not in words well sometimes you just have to use your words anyways.
Well, tell that special someone you love them right now.

*I Love You Message*

I love you much more than the sun loves the skies to ever shine it's light

Loving you was and still is my fairy tale that can never know what a sad ending

You make me feel like I have a reason to get up everyday

In your presence is where all of the gardens draw beauty because most especially your love bring out the beauty in me

My love for you is like a budded rose ruddy in its purest form because what I feel for you is ever golden in delight

You are my every delight and the very reason why I am always my happiest

If true love has a face, you'll be the personification of it because of your especial love for me 

I love you and I recall saying this yesterday and tomorrow I'll say it still but it'll never mean less

The way I love you is of no manner of love ever felt by someone before

You go places in my heart that no one has ever dated to reach

The way I feel about you is nothing short of ecstatic because you take my breath away and I love you so

You make me feel like love is just my heaven and I want to be caught in you

Whenever I get down to pray I thank the day I ever chanced on you because you made my life streamlined

Loving you is to me like heaven buy in your case I don't have to wait

Your presence in my life is like the touch of Midas and Cupid together

You set ask those hard places in my life straight when I think about you all the time

So long as I have you, I have all the best partner of my life complete because you set all the missing piece right

You are always never absent from my brain even though sometimes from my eyes because 24/7 I think of new ways of loving you

Nothing is as regal as you and nothing as precious in my sight than when you are close to me 

You bring out the best in me and I can swear your love is my very own reason to live

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