Thursday, 3 August 2017

21 I Miss Quotes

There are words that is just pertinent to describe how much you miss someone. 
Well, here they are

*I Miss Quotes*

I miss you and it is but be vain pretence to say I do not

I miss you so much I'd wish you here to turn my awestruck heart to a lovestruck one again

I love you and your presence is to me like a warm April showers to the earth as is your absence as winter

All I can employ to miss you less is to form your image in my mind just to smile again

Missing you is so bad because I look back on our smile and cry

How hard it is missing you is harder itself than Calculus

When I miss you time seems to move slowly knowing I should see you soon

I miss your dainty hands that fits perfectly on mine

And I miss you but I don't want to miss you, I want you

If missing you grows to my soul a depth, we should be talking of a depth as of the sea bed now

My heart since you were gone is like a helpless state as a listless drum

Missing you just as hell gives a despondent host as I am without you

My blame is not to anyone but me that I still am not deft as to wade through missing you as I do now

Since you've been gone the hurt has been and still at peak making me pain to miss you this much 

My mornings, night and ever since you left has been of immense proportion of endless sadness

Missing you so much I thought all joy has fled from earth

Nothing can vie the amount of hurt you make me feel by missing you

Miss you dearly my love, I hope by Gawd, you come soon please come back baby

If only I could echo my hurts to the open horizon that it may reach to you soon but alas you are far away and I'm here

You are to me, your absence my own hell

My heart was pledged to sadness as a man to a woman the day you left me

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