Friday, 11 August 2017

21 I Miss You But Quotes

Missing someone but there's that reason that makes it explainable to be apart, then here's a list to help you convey that

I Miss You But Quotes

I miss you my love but I just want you to know I'll make it all done with here so I can come running back to you. 
Love you 

I really miss the sweet fragrance of your sighs, the happiness in your smile and the beauty in your words but I just want you to tarry for me awhile. 
I love you

I miss you so much dear, it all feels empty without you but just wait for me because our meeting, I believe will strengthen the love we already feel

Listening to Katie Melua's song- if you were a sailboat and can't help feeling if you were a bird, I'll cage you always to my sight but I know you had to go for now, take care love

I really wish it was not expedient you left because I really miss you but alas I know how important all of this is. 

I hope I had the strength to not miss you but I miss you more each passing second of the day

I miss all of the good things we had together my only wish is that we recreate them but I know but take care of you anyways

I miss having you around me that's why I keep seeing you in all faces outside but if you have to go, I understand and I will just keep suffering here. 

I only hope you know I suffer without you and that the dearth of you is the death of me but please hasten yourself to me now

Silver and Gold may tempts but without you, I'm empty. 
Come back home please

I need you back dear  I know you talked about the imperatives of this trip and all whatnot but I want you back dear love

I really wish that you're missing me as much as I am but I just doubt it because if it were so, you'll be on your heels back to my arms right now

I love that I have you to miss but I just can't bear missing you like this, dearest love please come back home to me

I am so in love with you and if anything, these few days without your has strengthened my love more

There's no much more I miss and many a thing to say to you but this things are best done private because when you get back, I'll show to you just how much crazy you made me feel missing you. 
Take care till then love

I miss you and I pain to say it but but I just know that even when you get back, all of this will be forgotten

I miss you my love all with all the shred of heart and feelings I have for you but if you have to go and I have to wait still just know that I hurt still by missing you

I really miss you so much that you are in my every nasty thoughts, buy come back home soon babe, cos I am dying without you

I long hoped that love will always be on cloud nine but you going just these past days has been a dark cloud of loneliness, please come back soon baby

I love you so much and I pray that you get the chance to miss me as I do you, because I am a hollow but empty space pining the distance between us each day

I'm missing you so much but I understand how important this voyage is and I just want you to know I'll be here waiting

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