Friday, 11 August 2017

21 I Miss You Quotes For Her

To that special lady you would want to tell you miss her, here's a list stacked to do just that. 

I Miss You Quotes For Her 

I miss saying to you that I love you and the little things in love we do, baby please come back soon

You are the only one I want to want me and without you, I would not want anyone else. 
Please come back to me baby girl

I miss how only you was able to make me shudder and make my heart flutter. 
Please don't leave me alone in this pain

I wish you feel like the way I feel so because should you do you will come back home sooner enough to see me too

I can't go all day missing you so I just go all night to search for you in my dreams. 
Please come back home to wake my from my light years of sleep

You to me are everything as your absence tome is the presence of pain  

Like a mother that was full with child but was in pain until she puts to bed and then forgets she was ever with child so you make me feel that now although I'm in pain when I see you I'll forget it all

Our memories of yore fades away trying to hold on to them to allay my pain, please come back dear so we can make new ones

You make it easier when my life gets hard, no wonder every thing to me gets hard these days

I pray that I could get to see you soon to tell you how a fool I've been without you, but I know when you come it won't matter again, this pain I feel because your presence brings untold joy

Perhaps you should come, I relapse into solitude but only to find days upon days and you tarry, please come back my love, I miss you so much 

If only I had tell you how miserable your absence has caused me but alas you are not here to see what you caused 

We are miles apart yet why does it seem like I could have you to my sight with how you lurk in my head. 
Please come back to me baby girl

Me from you, is death
Me with you is life, evident by our lovely children. 
Come back home my love

Like a tree deprived of dew so do your absence do to me.
Come back home please my love.

I need you close to me because my brains keeps telling my eyes I'm crazy as I see you on every other face. 

I feel as though, one more minute each time you don't show I might just give up but then each minute past and I still live but all the same if only you should come and I'll be spared this penance.

Right here in my arms my beloved wife is where I wish you to be and not away in some harm you might be. 
Come back to me please 

I miss you so much like my life depends on it

I miss you and it's not something I take pride to say because I'd rather live my days being with you than missing you

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