Tuesday, 29 August 2017

21 Love For Him

I Love You works like Magic  wand, make it an habit to tell him so to sparkle your relationship.

*Love For Him*

My love for you my love is not by rote but by every fiber in my soul and mind

God didn't create us all equal because you are a proof of it, the pride of my eye

Your love is the sustenance of my sanity and I'll love you forever too to requite your love for mine

You and I, I always knew was more than mere relationship because I know I was destined for you as you for me in truest of love

Your touch is priceless even in comparison to the touch of an angel, you make me feel secured I'm love and I love you so much

Like a wrecking ball you knocked my uncertainties of life and make it all right

Being with you I understand what a paradise is because you are my Eden

When I wake up you are the first to browse my mind as you never left being the last to leave at night. 

You fuel my mind with your image and like a TV screen I don't mind seeing you all day

God knew exactly what he planned for me that's why he led you to Mr because you are all perfection

You are my constellation, when I look to the skies, the stars aligns to form you

You mar my problems making me a believer in you, a believer in love and I have never been happier

If you are my addiction then I don't want to eat safe from you

Being with you reminds me of the kind of happiness I once felt, once when I was a child and all I did was being happy

Being with you is like celebrating my birthday everyday. 
It's the purest form of ecstasy

You bury my fears and help reveal my joyous self and I could never love you any less

You teach me to fall and give myself completely to love like a teacher schools a student and I couldn't be better since then

Like a Rose, you make me although my thorns be the beauty of the gardens and in constancy I promise myself to you forever

No matter our flaws, you and I both, I'll love you still because together we are better as one and I love you so much

You are the reason I am happy because you hold my hours in your eyes

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