Thursday, 3 August 2017

21 Love Sms For Her

Love SMS as short can just be the perfect message to let her know you are thinking of her. 
Well, do just that

*Love Sms For Her*

I love you my dear in the office here I seem to write your name on every file there is without even knowing

Your drench my soul of every substance there is and there's nothing I'd give for your smile

Your smile brightens my day and lessens my night

You are the reason love to me is the most beautiful feeling

I never thought life would be fair but knowing you, life has been fairer

You make my life easier when life gets hard

Loving you is like a wall, it blocks out the world for me and in your Haven I'm more than safe

In your bowers is forever where I want to dwell because anything else is less

You are the reason why and the strength in my limb

The days go by and life seems dull, like a routine but when I see you, just like that I know my life couldn't be better

You make happiness seem so easy to attain by just being you, my love

When the sounds of the seas make, the nightingale shush and every other sounds of nature make, they are wonderful but when I hear your voice even the angels sing along

The heaven often times I think must have come through your eyes because they are the most beautiful thing to see

You are the best think to have fortuned in my life and nothing can vie against that

No one has the power to steal the joy you give me because it's as strong as thousand ox

Like I never knew how loving felt when I never saw you, I never know how not loving is now with you

If my heart has a percentage from the loving you give, 100% is a misnomer

Being beside you is like rainbow in a rain

I love you so much more than anything or everything the whole world could proffer

Your are where I belong and with you is where I never want not to be

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