Thursday, 3 August 2017

21 Love Words For Him

Have any beautiful words for that special someone. 
Well tell him now what you feel.

*Love Words For Him*

Dearest love, I must confess loving you is what I look up to everyday

With you, I understand how beautiful it is to grow old with someone

You make me do happy that I feel loving you is the best thing I've ever employed with my life

You are to me a precious stones more precious than a million gem

Nothing can kill the joy you give not even when the earth is drowning in sorrow, the sky falls or the heaven cries. 
You are my everything

A touch from you is worth more than the assurance of a shining rainbow 

Your smile is the reason why I understand when people say there is a light at the end of the the tunnel

Loving was to me a fairy tale not until the day I set my eyes on you because you brought out the child in me

You make me fall in love each day and in your arms the safety I feel is second to none

Nothing is really as beautiful as having to wake beside you each morning and night to lie with you

You make me so happy and each time I think about you my joy seems to never see a halt

When the thoughts of you cross my mind it's like flowers brushing upon my mind's space 

You are the very reason why love itself is a beautiful thing

I am so in love with loving you because everyone since I met you my mind is saturated with that very serendipitous day of happiness

You are the reason why falling can not always be bad because I fell for you and in love

I love you twice more than Gold and thrice than silver, I love you a little too much my love

How much I love you is far more than the sky could ever meet the sea bed

The allaying touches from your hand, God knows I'll give a thousand years for one day for them

You make my life do easy that a promise to forever seems more logical

I always despaired on promises to forever but not till I met someone worth it,,,,, YOU

You are the best thing to have happened in my life, because it's give the world for you any day if you never existed

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