Thursday, 3 August 2017

21 Quotes Missing You

Here are quotes quoth when missing someone. 

*Quotes Missing You*

I miss you and even though it's been days I still miss your as the day you said goodbye

Goodbyes are never easy to tell especially when it comes from you. 

Nothing is as potent as the hurts of missing you
They say nothing is impossible but to hope I'll be fine without you is plainly a lie

I miss your and I could walk in a garden right now if a flower grows from every time I miss you

I miss you in bulk that is beyond words can describe

The prisons of my chest cannot hold the chains it placed to my heart as I miss you today

I miss you dearly like a child misses her blanket in the hours of cold night

I could swear life by death of you is plain death

The only thing possible to help heal this wounds from missing you is the you yourself as you are my cause and my cure

I miss your lovely ambience, your welcome, and your beauteous presence, come over soon baby

I know you miss me but the way I miss you is nothing short of sure hell

Beyond every manner and shred of doubt, your absence has wrought in me a World War III already

How much I miss you is not up for debate because it's as much as the sands in the deserts

When you tell me you love me and leave me in this world of loneliness, missing you seems like my own personal injustice

I swear I miss you more than the many reasons a child misses it's mother's warmth

Without a look into your eyes, it's no wonder the sun could boast it presence to gloat

Missing you is like a vessel that lost its caulk and then thrown to the whims of the sea

I miss you my love, and your kisses especially that assure me honey has a better

I miss all of you, and nothing is more important than this that I would give the state I face now just to see you again

Missing you gets harder every seconds I feel your are somewhere missing me less than I do you

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