Thursday, 3 August 2017

21 Send Text To Hubby

Beautiful words and deeds are what accords seeds of newness in marriage. 
Let your hubby know not you think about him with this list.

*Send Text To Hubby*

Dearest love, I miss you so much that my life is spinning backward without you

My lovely husband, I want you to know that even now I never once had a notion of anyone else for me because I know we are fated

You are the best thing to have happened to my life has I'll never change the world for you

With your assurances, your promises, your loveliness, I know now why fate brought me you because you bring the calm in my life

You are too me like lull in the storm

Every time I think on you, I get many reasons why life would have been differently worse without you

You are the reason why in my life and the only reason why I would never have asked for anything else because you are my everything

Any day any time I think of you I know someone up there must love me too have given me you

You teach me the reason why love is just the greatest gift a man can ever have

I love you my dear and I know that more than a darling husband you are, you are the best father I ever known

Maybe in a scale of three, many people won't make my list but you make my number one priority any day my dear

Our relationship I must confess being as alive as it still is is because of the many times you have carried us

Renewal of vows is not necessary for me as long as its you, my lovely husband

Novelties in marriage was one thing I feared more to lose but amidst my fears 10 years down and I feel you are the greatest decision I ever made

You are always the very reason life seems like a rainbow even when it rains

You are the best for that happened to this family.
Love you my dearest husband

As long as I still am me, I'll live to love you forever

My heart is nothing better than what you made it, a happy place because of you my sugar husband

Loving and missing your touch hubby please come back soon love

I love you my dear, just thinking I have not said this today to you. 
Have a lovely day at the office

Like a rainfall that keeps the plants alive so is words against deeds of love to our relationship and I don't want this moment to pass without saying I love you so much love

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