Thursday, 3 August 2017

21 Sweet Love Text Messages

Have you any message to send to that special someone. 
Well, it can get no sweeter than this

*Sweet Love Text Messages*

I love you so much because you set the pieces of my life together in ways no one else can

You make it all complete when life itself seem hard

There's nothing in this world I can be find doing when you my lady calls because you are my everything

You are not just a reminder of everything good but my sui generis

There's no one for me as long as there's you 
You are my one in one 

Most times I swear heaven escapes through your eyes

If ever there's anything I find joy in, it's ever been loved by Fate to have you for me

I'm most happiest to ever have chanced upon you because ever since that day, the sun never seemed brighter

You are to me a lover divine that Cupid himself had to come with Eirene for my sake

You make me feel untold joy even in your sweet nothings as simple as your gaze

Your love to me is like a welcome dish served to a starving soul

I don't know if I would be happy if I never had you but I know I can't be happier

You make me happy that even when the Sky Falls, I know I have a cushion in you 

True love got meaning the day I set my eyes on you, you make it seem easy to fall in love

I don't know much about arithmetics but I know you and I together can never be two but one heart in love

When you kiss me and I fall thrall to the juices of your lips, I can sweetie that's heaven 

You are worth more to me than ten coffers of gold

You are where I want to forever build my home

As long as there is breath left to my life, I'll use the very little I hold in loving you

If loving you as I do now was ever a crime, I'll go to the past and tell myself that it was worth it so I wouldn't make the decision of not choosing you

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