Tuesday, 29 August 2017

21 Sweet Text To Her

Sweet messages to text to a girl that sets her heart in a state of love for you sparkling your relationship. 
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*Sweet Text To Her*

You are the wellspring of my joy and the center of my universe.

I know I love you not that you magically appeared like love at first sight but because I grew into loving you slowly in my heart till the love I now feel for you

Loving you makes me so happy I ever came to earth in the first place

You remind me of a movie although I cannot recall but with a happy ending and I can be happier

Having you in my life is the best thing that you have enacted in my life and it's not for possession but appreciation

The day I saw you I knew I found the back way to paradise

I don’t need to indulge in vague dreams all night and day because I know I already have you.

When I see the wakeful stars at night alone, I think of you because you make me miserable without you

In sleep where I lie to dream things true, I have seen you become my wife and I can't wish for anything better

When I wake up each morning and I see you, silently I look to the heavens and I can't be any happier

It seems even Nature was fashioned in your eyes when I look into them

You remind me of your love that makes me feel alright when things seem to go sideways

My love for you is not bound by seasons or tines, it's eternal

You lay to ruin every frail lovelessness in my heart I ever had just by the sweet words from you that gives me assurance

The number of days and months we’ve been together all goes to nothingness when you go for just a day, I love you so much my love

In muchness, I love you each and every other day with a love so strong and so sturdy

If I know how to love today it's all because of you.

If you were a desert, I'll still stride in you

You are my paradise as also my universe and happily I can't live without your sun

Stranded on you for a lifetime I'll happily if you are a deserted island

I can’t stop falling in love with you, no matter the circumstances

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