Tuesday, 29 August 2017

21 Sweet Things To Text Your Boyfriend

Sweetness in a relationship should not have tenure but last till never, send that sweet text to your boyfriend letting him know you love him now. 

*Sweet Things To Text Your Boyfriend*

My love for you has no tenure, it's now and till tomorrow shall remain

Like winds offer to the wings of a bird you make me fly but without wings

You make me being without you indulge in idle reverie thinking of you because you are the sustenance of my soul

If my heart was ever a puzzle, you came and set the pieces right winning it for alone because it beats just for you

You bring out the light in me brighter than the sparkles in the stars

With you I never felt more heavenly on earth

I understand what difference the rich has from the poor when I am with you because true richness is that filled with love not things

You ease my mind and soul like flotsam in seas and no matter the storms so long as I have you, I know there's a lull around

Your eyes are like the curtains of the heavens when open with which I see their beauty

Your presence makes me joyful in hope that my tomorrow is such a lucky place

I may have hoped for a man who would gift all my dreams to reality but you came and gave me more than I ever dreamed of

I love you thrice with the amount you do me because I love you than I ever loved another

Any day anytime I'll give my bed for you just pillowed on your chest silently and happily

Your voice although hoarse and stiff to others when I hear, I feel no songbird sounded better

You know when I think of you, my inward brightens with glow that I cannot just hide but say how much I love you so

You are everything good in my life which as the light takes the dark, you take all my bad

You make it easier for me when life goes hard because as long as I have you I have it all

You are my friend, my lover, my brother, my darling, my father, my teacher, my joy and my revelry, you are all to me my versatile lover

You bring out the smile in me just thinking of you alone 

You are my heart's delight and from you I find much boon like never felt before

You are too me more than a lover but a best friend and I couldn't have hoped for more than you

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