Tuesday, 29 August 2017

21 Text Messages For Her

Text messages to your lady love is able to make fiery a relationship.
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*Text Messages For Her*

Your love for me is nothing that anyone could ever duel for a place in my heart

I may not know Geography but since I met you the coordinates to my future became clear as a cloudless sky

The day I met with you, I knew Cupid was somewhere releasing his arrow because instantly I fell for you

The day I met you I knew I wouldn't have to fight my battles alone because love would..

You are like my armor in the face of war without which I'll perish

Without you my life will be like Old people's conversation, boring

Forever my heart pinned to yours is how I want to be found

All day looking at you yet one minute of absence I will miss you like crazy

You are to me that never was before, you are my sui generis 

You are the glow I'm my life has has hues of blue and gold like the sun in the skies

Your kisses are to me as Midas golden touches 

What you do to my inside its like how my favorite food sweeten my belly

When I look into your eyes, all things good speak and I see my future in them

Like calm waters in a lake, you are my lull in any storm

You see through me like no one else can and it's how I know you are the one

You are the medicament to my predicament

If my body and soul ever joy in love today, sweetie it's because I met you today

Just like how the dawn is not the dawn without the sun so I am not me without the glee you give

You make my life incomplete when I get to think of the impossibilities without you

Without you, I am as a car without a destination

You are my joy, my Fortune's delight and every reason my prayers was answered. 
You are my soul mate

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