Tuesday, 29 August 2017

21 Text My Man

Maybe a spur or a jolt or perhaps thought out, let your lover know you are thinking of him now

*Text My Man*

Hi love, just lying and thinking of you now makes me replete with beautiful images as rainbows in my eyes, can't wait to see you

My love, right now my heart is calling out with a song and the verses spells your name because I just want to be next to you

Dearest love, being bored here I really wish the calm that bears down on me through your sight. 

My love, my blessing from above and my Fortune Mister, how has been your day?

Hello my love, can you tell me what you are doing? 
I imagine you thinking about when we shall next meet because that's what I'm doing too

The light in the globe in your eyes means the world to me, my love

I can lie next to you until eternity comes because being with is where I always yearn to be

You make me feel life more intense than it is because of the fiery passions you set in me

Your love is my delight that nothing can quench in my heart

The day I met, my mind cursed my eyes for not meeting you earlier because instantly you cured my soul

You are the everything that I looked for so long but never saw, you are my dream come true

You loving me is the definition of a fairy tale come true

If to lay my love on you is all I'll do, I don't mind doing so as long as I live

You are the reason my life is with such brightness as it has today

You make my life all easy when life seems hard

With you, I don't need dandelions or shooting stars because you are my dream come true

With you time seems as though the gait of a horse and without you time is as though like a snail

You ease my heart as smoothly as a well oiled machine

To the one with whom I want to share my entire life with and without whom I don't want to see tomorrow. 
I miss YOU, my love

You have done much healing to my soul my love than you'll ever know. 
Miss you my dear

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