Tuesday, 29 August 2017

21 Texts For Her

Send a text to that girl of yours and make her know how you feel for her.

*Texts For Her*

Loving you makes me glad and I must confess that you make me all the more happy thinking of you 

If the world had the love I have for you, it would be a better place

In my heart you are conceived in all beauteous colours and nothing can ever take that from me

You have all the space I'm my heart and that's how I know I can love no other

You are all my heart beats for without which it stops

The reason life has the hue it has today is cause I love you and you love me too

You are the joy in my life and the every condiments needed for a joyful life

I wonder oftentimes if I never met you because you changed the course of my life for good

If my life was like broth being made then you are the seasoning in it

Through the ages I have found one thing true and that's that I love you in ways I never did anyone else before

You are to me a woman incomparable to nothing in my heart, you are my happiness

Having you by my side everyday I saw a prayer to the heavens because it's the best gift they ever gave

Like I'm running on the fuel of your love without you I'll burn out

Upon your love if ever it was a prize to attain, I won't give up

Your love to me is that one thing like a chest filled with gold, I'll always treasure

To anything I mostly am strong but when it comes to you, I surrender to you

When I am with you I cannot wish another because you are my fill

What I'll do to have you forever beside me is endless in its seem but now you being here I treasure you because I am not going to waste to lose you before I realize

You set my heart in a state of ecstasy with such love never before seen

If the earth has seven wonders, then you are my earth and my only wonder

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