Tuesday, 29 August 2017

22 Girlfriend In The Morning

Be the first to brighten up your lover's eyes as she wakes 

*Girlfriend In The Morning*

Hello sugar pie, wake up to the halo of the sun.
How was your night? 

Your eyes they regale me in sweet dreams of a time yet to come so happy and I know with you I will forever be happy and glowing as the sun

You are my eternal sunshine and rainbows in my darkness

It was such pride to have been with you all yesterday soothing my soul and hope you woke well today because I sure did and happily at that

You know you make me feel so good with myself that each day I look forward to the sun for better days

Before I met you it was once a good day amongst many but since you it feels like an eternal dawn

As the day lays it's night when it is morning for the sun to show, so do you do me each morning and I am most happy when I am with you

Like clouds in the morning are fake friends giving me more burden because in the night they go but you, staying beside me are like my rainbow, you ease my woes

Good morning my love, I missed you yester night as a child misses Christmas when it is December 26

You bring clarity to my soul shedding my life of all my ills and I'm so happy to have found you my cloudless sky 

As the earth renews it's rotation each day so my love for you refills each morning.
Good morning my love

If only the sun knew he'll hide it's ruddy head for you because you shine brighter him but Good morning my love, how are you? 

As the sun bids morning in royalty each day and I wake I think of you and I hope you do me too 

Morning love, I woke up revisiting our beautiful moment yesterday and I must say I loved it. 

Can't say much of you my love but looking at the sun I just thought of you and couldn't help the comparison with you how you brighten my day 

Honey, Good morning, like the morning dew I feel as light today after the long beautiful outing yesterday. 

Last night I couldn't sleep last because of thoughts of you and now this morning the same, I miss you my love. 

You saying yes to me makes me happy that soon all morning I'll have to wake up with an angel beside but now nonetheless, Good morning

I'm happy for us and how far we come because as the sun each morning even when he's down at night he shines again in the morning 

Morning love, you as the sun are my light after the end of my tunnel

You are the reason why I am happy to see the sun

My past is the night and you my day was and as inevitable no matter the night I know you'll definitely return

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