Friday, 11 August 2017

22 Missing you quotes

Are your missing someone and would like to convey pertinently the very words as your heart would want it. 
Here's a list composed to save you the stress. 

Missing you quotes

I am missing you each time more and more and cannot seem to get over the thoughts of having to see you again

I hate to say this but I was fine when you met me, if only I never saw you I would never have known utter love but still will never have learnt utter hate

I miss you like as if missing you is my whole life's goal please come back home to me

I know that when the seas that separates us, the space that parts us and matter between us is gone I'll be able to make up for the times I miss you yet this is not helping to reduce my missing you because I miss you like my life is nothing without you

You made me feel heaven and then you left and brought me hell
I miss you dear 

I missed you yesterday and then today is here, I still do tomorrow cannot be any better please come back soon

If only I can just conjure your face from space and see you always by my side but alas for I miss you so much

I'm missing you and there's nothing I can do about it and that's why I miss you more

I miss you like you make the baby that awaits a Christmas present and is sad without it

I miss the scent of your body, your voice and every little detail of you, please come back home to us

I'm missing you each passing second like without you I feel as though an ocean without water, a sky without a sun and a moon without it's sway

If only I could conjure Cupid himself to ride your on his little wings and brings you here immediately because I'm missing you like crazy

I'm missing you so much that I am arrayed in your clothes to feel you next to me

I am missing you my love so much that life means death without you

You are my Muse that brings life to my art and without you, I'm just deprived of all hope please come back

I miss you and will never stop missing you till you come help heal this hurt you yourself have caused

I am missing every time we spent together and each day it's seeming like they are becoming like a part of a play edited away please come and let us make a happy ending

I miss you so much that I pain to see the sun show to help brighten the sky, to see two birds tweeting their love song, to see the sea kiss the shore.
Please I miss you baby girl 

I miss you because nature has conspire to see you away and leave me despaired, please come back home baby

I miss those times and days we had and I would give it all for us to have then again. 
Please come home love

I am missing you and I wish upon the night stars each time that your journey should be halved that you might come back home sooner that I miss you no more because I can't go one more day as miserable as today without you. 

Please come home, I'm mister lonely and I miss you so much

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