Wednesday, 23 August 2017

22 Text Man

To all the men in a life, Yin and Yang, He and She, Male and Female proving for a woman there need be a man.
So tell them how much they mean to you

*Text Man*

To a mother, you my Son are the best thing to happen in my life

You are my heaven sent my Nature, my earth and my world

You are the best of the best and with you I know I don't need the rest

I, your father am grateful to call you my Son, Love you even more for making us proud dear 

I love you best brother and I wouldn't for the world have wished a better brother than you

You are such a sweetie! my Son and I am most happy to have given you life from my womb. 
Love you

My love on you doesn’t have any restrictions, it's boundless as the sea and I'll give anything to be you other half soon

Like the motive of the moon to shine but cannot without the Sun so am I without you. 
You are my Sun

For you my love I'll weather the storm just for a sight of you and that I may reach you

You are everything in my life that I'll not change not even your whims and caprices because they make me love you more

If you are chanced dear cousin I'll love you spend the holidays with us because you may be relatively distant by blood but to me you are as important as a brother. 
Love you coz

I am my happiest not because today is my day but because today I get to see everyone I love and you especially Dad, Love you

Thanks big brother for being the person you are all through the times with you. 
You are the best

I'm so happy today my love as I have been other days and you my love are the every reason why I am

Being with you is priceless, the moment I'll cherish as long as there is breath in me

Thanks Dad and Mum for builder in me values and self esteem with belief in myself because it's everything good you have especially given to me

I love you my better half and to the world I'm never afraid to say my heart is happily spoken for by you

I don't need the special holidays to make a toast always because you give me reasons to be cheerful and happy all the time

You are like the music to my Soul, like the wind in the feets of a bird. 
You are my liberation

You make my life easier even when life seems pretty hard

Days keep on passing by but like Wine my love keeps bettering the ages

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