Thursday, 3 August 2017

23 Text Messages That Will Make Her Smile

Send the most beautiful text message you can fathom. 

*Text Messages That Will Make Her Smile*

I love not you more than nothing

You bring the best in me and in my own penuries I am happy in your affluence of love

You are the wholesomeness in my soul that refills my senses

Nothing much matters to me so long as I have you, I have it all

Loving you gives to me the assurance of a lifetime joy

My loving of you is like nothing ever before made or seen

Forever immortal in my heart you will remain for not even death is able to do

I love you so much my dearest because you are my oasis in the drought from rain

You give me a love so loving that any other loving I ever received

I cannot stomach to think I'd have settled for a love less than you because yours will always be more

More than not I wish not more than anything before but now you more than before are my world as I cannot do a day without you

I must confess that if the heavens should see your they'll pale in brilliance and wowed that you are their better

You make me so happy that if I had no choice of you, I'll choose death then

Loving you is the greatest thing to have been apportioned to me by Fate

My love for you is unshakable like that of the sun and immovable like the mountains

The love of you in my heart is like an engine, without it I cannot move this body I drive

Sorrow has been removed from my option since I met you

I am so in love with you so much more than anything before I ever got chance my eyes on

If loving you is excused from my daily routine then find me dead in sleep where I can only see you because you are my rainbow and sunshine

You are like my defender in a football game because you block our the ricochets of all the wrongs of the world 

All of my life is hinged on how you go a day because your joy is mine as your troubles all mine 

Nothing is ever right without you not being so

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