Monday, 7 August 2017

24 Congratulation Messages For Dad To Be

To a special someone whose wife is soon welcome a child to the world.
As a special place in their life, you owe it to them to send a beautiful message,
Well here's what this group of message is for.
Try them

Congratulation Messages For Dad To Be

I am happy that you have continued to obtain the favor of God from school to getting a job as quick, marriage and now this pregnancy, I wish you all the best my friend. 

I'd say God must love you so much for this gorgeous little kid he adorned your family with.
Congratulation my friend

To my colleague and friend who has been all there is more to what a friend truly means. 
I say a big congratulation to you on your child's birth soon to come. 

First of all to a safe birthing which I foresee by your wife, I say thank God and second to your child, I must say he'll be the luckiest child in the world to have a father like your and lastly to you, Congratulation on being a father to be.

My friend, I must say you waste little time O! 
I praise you, and in all seriousness I am so happy for you and wish your wife ask the best.

Congratulation my dear prince, I am happy that your wife is heavy with child and I pray she delivers safely. 

This is a great and long expected news my friend, I'm so happy for you so much that it moves me to believe that this is the first child of many to come. 
Congratulation on your wife's pregnancy dear

Congratulation my cousin, I head your wife bones have grown and she is hoarding a dainty little bundle of joy inside.
I just want to say that may she put to bed successfully and easily as possible.
Congratulation my dear 

Congratulation my lovely friend, I say a big happy pregnancy to your lovely wife. 
God bless the son in her womb and I pray she does it as stress free as possible. 

To my lovely son, I am happy and smile the night before I've been crying a tear of joy for this blessing God has shown us. 
Congratulation father to be

I'm happy my dear son in law that my daughter is with child now as it fills me with a sense of fulfilment after the many years. 
I wish your both as I have already communicated with her, a beautiful and stress free delivery to her and to your heart as she lay to give birth. 
God bless you my son 

Congratulation my beautiful child, I always knew God was always by us and your wife's pregnancy is a proof that God is with us. 
Congratulation my lovely son. 

Congratulation for at last, with all the years of prayer and supplication, it finally yield to this beautiful day. 
I wish you my grandson a beautiful child as son and to your wife, a Stress-free delivery. 
Take care

Congratulation my boy, your are now a father to be and I pray God grant you the grace she wisdom to train this joy that God has given you with the way a child should go. 
Wish your so the best son 

Congratulation my friend, I heard the news and was quick to send my blessings to you. 
Congratulation on your wife's pregnancy, I pray for the best of outcome as you wish.

I pray my son that they will never be still birth in this pregnancy that your wife carries and may she put to bed safely. 
From Grandpa. 

Congratulation from all of us at work to your beautiful wife and you. 
May she put to bed safely in Jesus name 

I pray that as long as you live, this child that God has put in your wife's womb shall be safely in you, the husband's arm 
Wish you the best dear 

Congratulation my boss, we all heard your wife is heavy with twins and we want to congratulate you and her and wish you the best. 
Congratulation Sir

From your nephew, I am happy to hear sir that your have turned out a father to be I'm the past one month we last met. 
I just want to congratulate you and hope she delivers safely the child. 
Love you

Congratulation my dearest brother, from your little bro, I must say I was gladdened to hear of your wife's condition and now I hope that she puts safely to bed, your child. 

Congratulation on getting the one thing that was missing in your beautiful family uncle.
I wish now that I your wife shall put to bed in peace and avoid any C-section or any worst case scenario. 
God go with her to the delivery room.

Congratulation my friend, I am happy for you as you have been taken to the other side of fatherhood, which will be official in some months.
Congratulation in this big fear dear

Congratulation my big brother, I am so happy for your wife as a fellow woman and to you on being a dad-to-be. 
I wish you both the best dear

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