Saturday, 23 September 2017

19 Cute Texts For Your Boyfriend

Texts are a huge part of a relationship that makes it beautiful Witt perfectly penned ones. 
Make a cute one too him now.

*Cute Texts For Your Boyfriend*

I love you I'm ways that is unimaginably unique for a heart should feel because you are a special sight

Your kisses are as deep passionate Love flowing from a wellspring of Love

You are more than a best friend, my other half and a lover not your are all in one

You mean more the world to me and I love you just the way you are 

Without you I am not what a woman should be but with you I feel more than a woman

You have my heart, treasured to your keep to store it safe so please take care of it 

As long as you love me and even beyond, I'll love you always and forever

I don't know what I did to be given you by Fate but I pray you keep loving me as you do

You are what I forever want to be found doing Love you so much dear

Let's stay this way forever my love with not a care for the worst, you and I 

Every day I love you more like on a scale that never goes down

You are my favorite mistake if you'd are a mistake, you are my happiest sin if loving you is one, and you are my sweetest taboo if loving you is a taboo

You are so deep in my heart that if you are removed, I will die because I can't live without you

My love for you is nothing like I've ever felt in my life before

You are like the light that came to chase away the darkness in me

I feel summer in your eyes even when it's cold because you are my warmth

Your love makes me happy to see each new day

You make yesterday a happy history thinking back on it

You make tomorrow a sweet mystery because thinking of the love you give me that blossom better everyday I feel like the next day will be better than now

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