Saturday, 23 September 2017

19 Sweet Things To Say To Make Her Smile

Be sure you've found the perfect messages to make her smile, blushing and in more love for you

*Sweet Things To Say To Make Her Smile*

You are like my favorite TV show I dare not miss

In your love, I swear I'm the happiest for the jolt of electricity I feel loving you is one of its kind

My heart skips a beat each time I as little as hear your call my name 

The only thing I want in life is you because your give me purpose

You are the only person that can be worth leaving everything behind for

I loved and love you as I will do even when I am old and grey 

You are worth more than the worth placed on anything Neva you are beyond worth.

The best love is the kind only you know how to give

You awakens my long fallowed soul.
Thanks my love 

You make me dream to reach for more than I ever bargained because your love makes me feel limitless

The love you plant in my heart is as strong as wildfire in my heart

You bring peace to my mind and soul in happiness unbeknownst

I hope to give you forever all you've given me. 
Happiness and a better tomorrow

How the love you show to me make me see the world better through your eyes

I look at you and I look heavenward every day to say a prayer for every finding my angel

The rest of my life is in front of my eyes every time I see you

You bring me such happiness I never want to gainsay

If your love was a religion, I'll never be an apostate

The greatest happiness I felt through you and I knew I have net the one

Your are the light of my life shining through the dark

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