Friday, 22 September 2017

20 Cheesy Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Those mushy little details in a relationship can be more than enough to stir your girlfriend heart in love and you've just found the perfect ones

*Cheesy Things To Say To Your Girlfriend*

I know saying this over and over again to you seems so clich├ęd but I can't help but tell you that I love you so much every time I see you

My heart knows it's impossible to live longer without you because you are the reason for it's beating

I love you more than a thousand reasons why and I'll die to find you absent from my life

My love for you will rally the death and hell and still be unshakable because I love you that much

I say a prayer every day that the miracle of you might never end because you are to me more than a dream

Everything about you is so unbelievably beautiful and I fall in love with you on a repeat every time

Your love makes me feel like riding on a rollercoaster, it's ever a wondrous feeling

My idea of true love is you because you taught me how to truly love

You are my favorite words, when I call your name, joy fills my insides

You are by far the most part of me that I don't want to throw away because before you was not anything that was right

Since you came, life has been a wonderful place to see through your eyes

I now know what true love is because I now know you

As though a collect call to God, the day I met you it seemed so because all my prayers was answered

You are my heaven on earth and I would give it all just that I may have you

You are my favorite ritual that I will never tire to do

If your were the internet, I'll be there first and last to browse on you all day till night

You are worth having because even your imperfections defines a better perfection

I love you than I may ever let show because my heart the way you make me feel knocks it sway in love

You are my summer ray, my sugar pie, my reasons for any season, you are my everyday's delight and I never want to live without you

My love for you is as strong as the belay that holds the sun to the heavens.

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