Friday, 22 September 2017

20 Cute I Love You Texts

The cutest way to say the words I love you, here's just it.
Lovers, feel free to share from these 

*Cute I Love You Texts*

Than the love a mother could ever possess for her children, I love you ten times more 

I saw a newly hatched chick today and how the mother hen was livid with anger when I tried touching her young then I thought that if this could love her young that much, how so me that love you more

You are the reason why I wouldn't mine a bull to my heart because I love you so much

7 billion people in the world but there's only one I could possibly love and that you my love, I love you so much

You are the light in my dark, the fire in my soul, the breath in my lungs, you are my world and I love you so much

I am so enamored of you beyond measure and words so much I can hardly describe it

You are the best thing to happen in my life, the only reason I want to keep living because I love you so much

My love for you transcends this earth to its eternal

If like Sleeping Beauty, you lie forever in eternal repose then I don't want to live but in dreams where I'll find liberty to see you still

Your love to me is like when the heavens meet the earth, you fill me with unbeknown ecstasy

With you I've experienced what it is to be truly loved and I must confess I love you greedily because you have changed everything about me

You make my heart go crazy for you just knowing that someone loves me as you do

I know you are a heaven sent but I never knew you were my heaven sent till I knew what it meant to be loved by you, my angel. 
Love you till life beyond dearest love

I probably have said this a billion times and will say it a billion more but permit me to say it this once, "I love you"

I love you in manners unfathomable to express because my love for you transcends mere explanation

You make me feel like I'm on top of the world every time I'm with you and I must confess I love you so dearly

My heart is yours too spare because your heart is my abode

When I see you smile at me it fuels me with so much strength to understand why I love you so

I love you to the point of death and life because as much as I can live for your, I'll die for you If need be

You are what makes my bland little life worth living and without you I don't think I'll give two hoots about life

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