Saturday, 23 September 2017

20 Cute Messages For Your Crush

To get in the good graces of your crush, well, tight just found the right messages to help stir that person's heart in love with you too 

*Cute Messages For Your Crush*

Dear crush, I know I may sound as a stalker but I've loved you even since before you've known it and even now I love you more

I love you and I don't know if it's just a passing fad but I know it's as strong as the reason I still breathe

You make life a happy place with you in it and if only you'll say yes to me, you'll have made a happy man of me 

Like an addiction I can't do but think on the day you'll finally say yes to me, dearest crush

I know I love you but I only wish you'll pass the light of your gaze on my wish one day and be mine

The days never shine bright I don't think of being yours all the time

I know it's beyond culture being a lady but I must say that I really love you and I'm ready to go beyond what's acceptable to prove it

You may not know be but I'm sorry I've loved you so long that even now I find myself in wishful reverie dream of us together

If only I knew the right words to say to get into your graces I'll say them right now but I love you and I just want and wish you'll love me the same

She's not the most beautiful but she is too me,  she is not the most brilliant but every word from her mouth is intelligent upon hearing them and though they say she has a not too good voice but everyday all I wish is that that same sweet voice say yes to me. 
And that's you my dearest crush

I know I am I'm thrall over wishing you'll one day become mine but I can't help it because I know I truly love you

Is it bad to want something that's not yours, please don't say yes because I want you to be my sworn love in truth and in happiness

They say humans don't appreciate that they have till they lose it, I just hope you see me for you worthy because you are every reason I believe I want to live for 

When I see you I see the reasons why I want to be yours and your, mine

It's a pity my love for you go unrequited but I guess that's life we all go for things that ordinarily is beyond us but I can't deny I loved and love you still

If only I could forbid my heart your name but it beats foolishly for someone that will probably never sing along to its song and that's you my dearest crush

You've turned me to a day dreamer wishing always you'll as little as look my way all because I love you this much dear crush

I only wish one day you'll love me as I do you because you never know but when you say, "Hi" to me, to you I'm just another person but to me that's the highlight of my day

How can I reason well when even in class you are the TV screen of my eyes dearest crush

Please tell me if there an antidote from loving you as I do because I suffer in pain alone knowing that you don't love me as I do you but maybe you do and you just mask it but I want you to know I love you so much

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