Saturday, 23 September 2017

20 Cute Pictures To Send To Your Girlfriend

You've just found the perfect pictured messages to send to brighten that lucky lady.
Feel free to send these, they are magical

*Cute Pictures To Send To Your Girlfriend*

I'm convinced I'm spending the rest of my life with you because your love is true

For me there's no replacing you, your are priceless beyond compare

As long as I am me and you are you, IP never fall in love with another as I do you now. 

In spite and despite it all, I can love only you because my heart refuse to beat for another

Even if I had a heart transplant, my heart will beat for you still

You are the only reason I breathe and want to breathe still

You make me feel like life is useless without a smell of you

My love for you is as the width of the east to west

I love you more each day as though my heart will soon not be able to contain it all

Because I love you, there's nothing these days that beats me up because I know it'll all turn by a look in your eye 

As long as I remember your face, my happiness is secured because you are my God sent

You are the fruition to my long time prayers

It was said to love someone as yourself, well, I just fulfilled that because I love you even than I do myself

You are to me not just another person but you are everything

Your love matters to me more than a thousand sunshine

I'm not the me I wish when I'm without you

Your love heals my soul of frailties and flaws 

I am most happy to have found the one for me through you

If to all day fall in love with you, still it'll never suffice because I love you each passing day everyday

I love you and with this, I want you to think of me as I do you every milli second of the day

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