Friday, 22 September 2017

20 Cute Things To Do For Your Girlfriend Over Text

Send to your girlfriend the cutest messages ever compiled, and you are sure to sweeten her heart the more

*Cute Things To Do For Your Girlfriend Over Text*

They say the Roses are the most beautiful things, sure, because they've not seen you

Food is sweet but you are of more sweetness than what a chef can possibly put together

Your presence to me is itself like the welcome of heaven on earth

I know I love you but how is unfathomable because my love for you has no depth deep enough to measure

I love you so much that no amount of saying it will prove really how so let me just say, I adore you

You too me are more than the worth of all material things put together

The way you make me love you I despair to think I'll ever feel that way for another

Because of you I feel like the world is a better place again

You make the stars look so dim in my eyes, my love

I could give endless reasons why I love you because my love for you is true

You are so amazing that you'll readily put the seven wonders of the earth to shame

You make me truly understand the phrase, "flying without wings"

Each time I'm beside you, I feel if death should come that hour I'd have lived a fulfilling life because I love you

You are the fruition to my unanswered prayers long since
Thanks my darling angel for using your wings and making me understand what it is to fly

I feel like I was not living until the day I met you

You truly are sent from heaven because there's nothing on earth to explain you

I'll fall in love with you every day if that's what it'll take for you to never leave me

You are the every reason why and the only person that I can never find a reason not to love. 
I love you so much my love

I love that I love you this much because before you was only hate

You are true love in person and with you I'm happy to finally know how to be loved

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