Saturday, 23 September 2017

20 Cute Things To text Your girlfriend

Tell that special lady and with a most cutely penned message you love him now

*Cute Things To text Your girlfriend*

All I wish right now is see that your magical smile trained at me

You have no idea how I miss every burning ember of your skin next to mine darling

I wish I'm there with you right now, well, I'm always wishing so. 

At work but I just can't help but wishing I called in sick today to be with you

How did I get so lucky?
You make me the luckiest person on earth

You are the reason for there being a smile on my face today

Always and forever I want to be yours till the last of us

You kill me softly with your touch and I am happy to be like that in your arms

Hello love, I'm thinking of us tonight on a date for two 
What say you?

In your heart in happy to have found home because you are been in mine long since before you knew

When you get home, think of your most hidden fantasies because I'm coming to fulfill them

I must confess I was not ready for love but your love took me by storm 

Only you could have pulled that kind of stunt on me making me fall in love with you even though I never asked but thank God you were stubborn

You are a real man and I couldn't be less happy to have fallen in love with you 

I can't put up with a second of your absence because you are my world 

I'll cross the seven seas if it means loving you every single day and go the unmatched miles even because I love to that much

You are everything good in my life I'm happy to experience

Your love is like a magic from a wand, it's special

You touch my heart in ways you alone have ever done and I'm happy you did

All of my life I've never seen yet your kind.

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