Saturday, 23 September 2017

20 Good Messages For Her

Make her know you what and how you feel for her on a daily basis, that one goodnight lover of yours. 

*Good Messages For Her*

More than how a boatswain loves the smell of strong ale, I love you so much my belle

I feel a million dollar better when I think of the store of your love I'm my heart

I thank God I love you because any other is less

Tight from the start I loved you immediately because your caught a figure in my eye that is pristine and beautiful

I Love you too baby, Loved you and will Love you till I'm six feet under

You make me feel insurmountable and like I could do anything all because of love 

Thoughts of you is like a touch from the Saint's hem. 
Is magical

Whenever you are close to me I feel the heavens have come through you

I gat me a fine wife and a beautiful home. 
Thank God because of you u could say that

In your words I could be drunk and by your kisses I swear, food never tasted better

You are where I belong and without you I am lost 

Red roses, starlight, angels and ask I could think of yet you are more beautiful than them all

Nothing matters more to me than seeing you happy because even the world I'll give for that sake

Each day I think of me less and you more because you are everything good in my life

Tears soaked in my face, despondent of life and vexed with all I'm my life, years ago my diary said now it's magical to see how fast because of you all that have changed

You ate the high of me and for that sake I never want to get low again

The dearth of your face is a death to me

To come home and find your already waiting for me, dressed in your best with smiles all over, it's what is the definition of picture perfect

Your touches are like oases in the desert, they fill me with hope and ecstasy

Life was a riddle you help me solved, my love. 
Thanks for it all

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