Wednesday, 6 September 2017

20 I Love You Message

I love you is cemented in showing but saying or texting it is also some kind of assurance. 

*I Love You Message*

I'm happy tip have found a woman I want to spend my whole lot with because I Love you like one never loved another

You make me so happy I met you in the first instance, thanks for your love

The way you make me feel is like being knocked off my feet whilst even standing

I could swear heaven has no better match than you

I love you so much that I even now starts believing in a pledge to forever

Like as they swear to tell the truth in court, so do I but mine is an everyday thing my heart swears love to you everyday

I don't know if there's another life after now but if there is, I'll want to spend it with you 

In your arms, more safety than ten thousand bodyguards I find all for  love

I don't know whose loss are you but I know a big gain is it to me

You make me my happiest each day my brain recall the plenitude of you face

Oh Gawd! please tell me I'm not the only one in his off thinking badly pic you and tell me you do too

I'll do ever and anything for you so long as my heart can take

You make my life a seamless joy loose to the store of your blessings from above, my angel

If my heart was ever frail, you healed my nothingness

You came and then filled the void in my soul, you really are what is defined as a soulmate

The day I chances upon you, the sun never looked warmer nor the seas more inviting

You hold in your eyes the joy of a thousand angel, it's why I cannot do without you a day

A day spent with you is as being thrown to the heights of the heavens and domiciled there

I love you in ways unfathomable to even myself and I know I can never do less because I'll be miserable without you

If I shall see you again in death, then death to me is life after you are gone because that's how much I love you

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