Friday, 22 September 2017

20 I Love You Messages For Her

Love makes the world still stand today, platonic friendships or otherwise, it's a gift to each one of us, make it a habit to tell that loved one you love her today and every other day especially with pertinent

*I Love You Messages For Her*

The skies may fall, the heavens may fall or the mountains too but my love for you will be the last thing on earth that w will remain

If one plus one is two, the day I loved you I understood how that math is flawed because I knew to become one with you

Love undying I feel for you as though my days are incomplete without you

You are the every bit of reason I'll never want to see a season if you are excused from existence

My love for you transcends the world at large, it's eternal

You make my life worthy of living

Without your love I'm no different from a self proclaimed sadist because sadness was all that was before you

I love falling for you over and over again because you are worth falling for

You make all my years of hassle for love worth it because your love is like a worthy icing on the cake

All my years on earth yet I've not seen one to live for before you then you came and made my life worthwhile

You touch my life with a stroke of true love and since then I can't help but love you more

I love you and it's a word I'll never tire to say

You are everything good I never dreamed of, you are my every good dream

You are the fruition of my long held wish for happiness. 
Thank you my love

If you are the skies then I want to be your earth so you can rain on me

If you are gone from earth then I don't want to see a second more than you

If you are tree then I want to be a songbird so I can all day hop and woo you in love 

I always saw Genie on the TV not until I saw one truly in you because you answered all my dreams

You are to me of more worth than all the world combine

Better death than be alienated from your heart because you are my everything

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