Friday, 22 September 2017

20 I Love You SMS

A little I Love You once every time is like a spark of fire side from a dying ember. 
Make it your wont to always say it

*I Love You SMS*

I love you in manners seldom felt by any human before because my love for you is eternal

If your love for me was only a fairy tale then I want only to be unreal so too so long as I'll be your lover still

I don't need a thousand reasons to be martyred for love, I just need you

I want to love you every chapter of our lives in this love story of ours to forever

You are the sweetest thing that ever happened to me healing all of my woes

You make so easy to fall in love and hard to fall out

Like fireflies you light up my darkness giving me clear daylight in my heart

There's no better thing than you, you are my everything good in life

All I want in my life is to be yours forever and always together

You are the last thing on my bed before I bed my head and the first when I wake, you are my everything

There's no living without you, there's only dearth

If it's not with you I never want to know what love is 

You touch my heart so well like magic I fall blindly each time by you

Like a baby you taught me to love and and it's the only language I know. 
Thanks love

You make it easy when my life seem hard

Just a smile from you and I fear the rainbow loses too fast it's essence

My love for you is not hinged on the skyline or hung from the heavens, it beats in a way that will always never die

You are my God sent, and your love is my prophecy fulfilled

Every time with you is like a summer in the mid of winter, you are my warmth and my assurance of bliss

My name in your lips is the most beautiful thing I'll ever experience, it's my heaven on earth

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