Wednesday, 6 September 2017

20 Love Messages For Her

Love has no time to show make it a habit, an everyday thing like with this ones

*Love Messages For Her*

My curse is that your love is always on my brain I can't put three thoughts together
without you my love

I want to know what love is only because you leave because I want the giver only to be you

The very day heaven smiled at me was the day your car broke down near my place and God knows I had pray such so I knew all I needed do was make a move

As long as you love me even black then is white

You are every thing a dying man would be proud he had lived through even in the face of death

I just can't and won't even want a life that's without you

This life I lead is worth every penny I've spent because of you

Every memory, every one that broke my heart, every thing I've ever done because of you I'm so happy for them all because it led me here to you

I want to be lost in you because heaven knows I'll be lost without you

You are far to me beyond the reasons why

The day the heavens smiles at me again that day I'll know because that day you will

If true love I know now it's all because I knew you

A spotless day worthy of reenacting is one that has us without a care for the world just us without anything else and that's the dream I wish with you

In you, I see my unborn babies, most beautiful in your face

Your are my world eternal with which nothing can duel

You fuel my heart and with so much life and fun unimaginable to be rivalled

Riveted to the emblems of your face, my heart will evermore sing the song of your love because it's my favorite refrain

I know that Love cannot have given me a better mate each time I look at you

Assurance more assuring than any other allures, your smile does to me more Magic than a magical wand, if there is

You make all of reality questioned because you seem to me always a dream that became a reality

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