Wednesday, 6 September 2017

20 Messages For Him

Have messages of love for him, well, let him be have it in most beautiful writing made age here's is just that.

*Messages For Him*

My love, I have known for 48months as in the 2 years we've met that you are the only reason I want to live

My very happy in welcome of that very day met you replay the hours daily because it's the day I wouldn't wish ever to forget

You are the living in my heart that was dead please never go and make my life as the status quo again

Your love is the perfect thing I'll never wanted to let go of

If your love was a shackle, then I never want to be unhanded

Nothing is the same without the constancy of your lovely face

You are to me what a thousand other persons can not outdo

I love you more in showing, more in proving and more in telling, my love for you is ever more

You are the perfection in my life, with you there's nothing else I'll rather have

When I say my day is awesome the one constant thing possible for it is YOU

The world rife with the many reasons I should give up yet if you cease to exist, that's the only one a factor to me I could consider

There's no one besides you, no one in my heart, not even if you have a twin

Like the soft breeze lost in the gale, I want to forever be lost in you

I'll be lost without you in this earth like a new chick will be without the mother hen

I love you in manners that makes my soul sing just by the showing of your face

You make my tomorrow an envious one by the outlook of today

The day I met you it was like the ceiling finally burst open after keeping me all day before in artificial might to reveal an eternal sunshine

Like a brilliant ray of sunshine, you came and my life has been about a joyous revelry

You showed me what true love is and even now I never want to know the obverse

In your arms, I could swear if that's not heaven then nothing is

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