Wednesday, 6 September 2017

20 Romantic Texts For Her

A romantic relationship is one that stands the test of time and know that even something as simple as a well thought out text is romantic. 
So text one now

*Romantic Texts For Her*

You make my heart so precious to me only because it holds you in it

You are like a coffers of gold priceless to me incomparable to nothing

With you I know there's no better heaven

Your love is magic baby, and in it I want forever to be lost

Without you I find myself drenched in nothingness because you are my world

Nothing is width they say it is to me if it has not you with it

You make me happy that I have you and with that I don't want to ever have another not even when you are gone

You make my life a living heaven but when you are gone, like hell awaiting

Your touch is like bliss upon bliss renewed

In ways I've yet loved anyone else, you make me feel like after you there can be no one else

I'll rally the heavens, the seas and the widest horizons if you are absent from me because to me you are everything

When I find my heart wanting for you, I close my eyes and see you in my mind's eye and that's how I know you are the one for me

Your love is like the touch of the heavens in my soul

You make me know what it is to have something and never want to lose it and it's your love that has me feeling that way

I am indebted to your love, today and till I draw my last breath

If I was existing before, you taught me how to truly live

I don't want to know what love is if it's not by you

Your love, so long I have it, I know I have it all

You don't know how you make me feel but I can fly even without wings when I simply as lie beside you

By your side is where I belong and with you is where I want to see my last

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