Friday, 22 September 2017

20 Romantic Texts For Him

Romantic words, messages and things are always welcome in a relationship never to be assumed too much, so make it a habit to be a mainstay in your relationship. 
Ladies, try these out to your man-lover

*Romantic Texts For Him*

Bae, I just thought to let you know in a pang of emotions rushing to NY heart and filling my mind with your thoughts that I love you so much

With every bone in my body, I want you to know that you are the only one I want to say yes to. 
Today and for ever

You've since been the best thing to have fortuned from my life since the first time I saw you. 
I love you so much my love

There's nothing I wouldn't do to make you know how much I feel for you because you are my world

You matter more to me than how much food matters to a belly because your are my sustenance

A day without you whispering those lovely words to my ear is like death to my soul

You are worth a thousand reasons why I will never have need for another lover because I am pledged to you for all eternity

My love for you shall never wade not as long as I breathe on this planet called earth

You are too me of more worth than all manner of precious stone and I'll never be able to do without you

Your love is like a welcome surprise this unlike Christmas, comes everyday

The novelty of the most amazing love I feel for you is like the sun by each morning, renewed every day

As water is to the fishes even though the storm that may be present there, so are you to me that despite the trials of our love, I can't survive without you

Your love is as magical as the words "Open Sesame" became your words are heal my emptiness

My soul is entwined with yours long as I breathe and live

If I had a single straw of breath, my last words will be to say "I love you"

You are everything good in my life that is beyond expectation

Like as the heavens make the rain pour and the rainbow afterwards for assurance, so after every difficulty I go through, when I see your face I am assured it'll pass

You are like my pass code to a store of riches of joy because without you I'm never happy

Each time I think of you there's jolt of electricity rushing to my heart telling me never to let go of you because you do something to me no one has ever done. 
Which is love me unconditionally

My heart wears the shape of love all because you showed it the meaning of true love

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