Saturday, 23 September 2017

20 Send Text To Wife

Ways to stir and make a happy matrimony involves commitment from both parties as simple as texting each other too. 
Try that without these apt messages now

*Send Text To Wife*

I've never loved you more than I do these days because you are the reason for my happiness

When I think of all the good things life has given me, your name comes to fore

I love you not for show but with every beating drum in my heart

You make me feel butterflies each time as though we were just married

Ten years down and I don't love you any less than I do now

Because of the joy you bring me life has never been better

The way you make me feel is like I am dreaming even when I'm awake

You shower me with love stronger than I could have hoped, thank you my love

I forever want to live to love you, lest I don't want to live at all

You make life a living heaven even in this hell called earth

I want to love you so much that you will never want to lose me

I want to make you feel like my love for you is and will ever be unmatched

The only thing I trust in life is love and all because of you I know what it is to love. 

If marriage has been defamed I promise to make ours an exception by the happiness I make you feel with me

I know I can't give you all the world and the gems in it but I promise to love you so much you'll not see the need for them

My love for you like the heavens is divine and shall last as long as I breathe

As far as I have strength in me, my love for you shall never wade because I love you like nothing else in comparison

If your love was a religion then I never want to apostatise

You are the addiction I am inclined to and I want not to build a home so long as its not you I am building it with

You are the reason for my "why" because you alone give me purpose to live and die for

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