Friday, 22 September 2017

20 Something Sweet To Tell Your Boyfriend

Girlfriends tend to feel it is behoved that guys should do all the loving, well don't fall in that case.
Let him know that you love him so much

*Something Sweet To Tell Your Boyfriend*

I'm not ashamed to avow  my eternal love for you should ever the need arise because I love you so much

You are what the French call raison d'etre, your are my reason for living

With you, life seems a happy place to be in and I just want to enjoy all that with you

You are all that matters to me and your love is more than I ever wished for. It's a dream

You wet my soul with the waterfalls of joy and I'm so happy to be yours

I'll never tire in loving you my boo, I'm so in love with you

If you were a book I'll read you all day long

If you were a pillow, I'll lie on you all day and night till my head aches

If you were a cloth, I'll be clad happily in you every day till I reek

If you were an ale, I'll be drunk with you till I can no longer be me

The way you love me has shown that life can really hit you hard with good treasures because that's what it feels like

You are my every good thing to have touched my mind and soul and heart because save you, I have nothing good to bank on

You are like a cushion to my fall, my heaven sent and my life's avowed joy

My life is what it is now all because of you, you are my happiness

Being loved by you is like going to the marketplace and getting more than you bargained for because you love me so much that I feel undeserving sometimes

You make me feel like I am soaring through the horizon each time I think of you

There's no limit to my loving you because you answered my prayers about life and showed me first how to love

You showered me with love, now it's my turn, I forever want to bespatter you with love in return if you'll let me

I know it must be hard to be without me but there's no word for me when I'm without you, it's like hell because tiff are my heaven

You are the sunshine in my Summer, the only hope in my Winter and the growth in my Spring and every time I just love Falling in love with you.

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