Friday, 22 September 2017

20 Sweet Romantic Quotes

Sweetest romantic messages to send to your lover, believe can't get better than this. 
Check them out.

*Sweet Romantic Quotes*

You know I was listening to Bruno Mars' Grenade and I said to myself "piece of cake" I'll take more than a bullet to my head for you

You are the only one who knows me me well and could still love me this much despite my blatant flaws, I love you so much bae

I must confess that as they say not everything last but despite all of the things I've seen on earth you are the only one I fear losing the most

The singularly most precious thing in my life is you, you are my world

I have ran the gamut of emotions with you from the good and the bad and I've found yet that there's no one for me but you

If true love ever had a name then no other than yours is more than fit

If you were a religious text, then you'll be my favorite verse

My love that I feel deep down in my soul can know it's ending only when the earth knows it ending first

From the very day I saw you, my brain said to my heart, I told you you were just wasting your time beating for those former ones

You are the only one by virtue whom I can take a fall for by any means if necessary 

Your love makes a child of me, and I'm happy to be blind if your love bids me to like young Cupid 

I know I've averred this a million times yet when I halt in saying it I feel a surge to say it more. 
I Love You and even more will do so if it's the last thing I can do on earth

You make dying for love seem so easy to enact because for you I'll do anything not humanly possible 

You love brings out the Superman in me because with you I feel I can accomplish anything, even flying without wings

I've known long I loved you but each day I find new reasons why I love you even more and will love you as long as I live 

If ours, all these years of loving and being together was a mere fairy tale, then I want to be read only in stories never to exist so long as you don't

I'll give up everything by just a beckon from you because you are worth laying the world all for

I may not be the most wonderful person in the world, the strongest, amazing, handsome or richest but for you I'll be all of them in one

If you had a price then only the heavens could pay it because you are priceless by all earthly standard

Nothing I'd say will ever make up to show how I love you but I do and I'll never tire to do

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