Wednesday, 6 September 2017

20 Sweet Things to Text Your Girlfriend

Sweet words and actions makes fresh a relationship, make it an habit

*Sweet Things to Text Your Girlfriend*

They say one can't be perfect, but darn that because to me even your imperfections define perfection better

You are everything good a lover needs in love and with you is truly a blessing from above

God couldn't be all place at all time so he gave me you when I prayed because you are my fruition

I love you with the very morsel of my heart down to the last beat of it

You are like a fitting piece in the puzzle of my life that was missing

You are everything worthy of a second look, a third, a fourth and a fifth, Gawd! you are just so perfect to look upon

If Time makes things older then it must have forgotten my love for you because it gets better every day

Without you there's nothing in this picture I would want to spend my time with

You are my own Love doctor, you fixed my heart to a repair

They vary hour of all days I spend think of you when I'm not with you and night dreaming of you when I'm not seeing you, safe to say I live for you

Your love is like a magic wand weaving joy to my soul

I know of a truth that life to me holds no better reason than it can give me you

I love more than I love to say the words but show it how I mean every single one of it

If I was a poet, you'll be my Muse and if I were to be a Musician, you'll be my song

I am so much in love with you that ofttimes it seems my love verges on addiction

How you love me is the reason I look for way to love you each day because my you are worth it all

My heart beats for you so much the song it makes is as beautiful as a songbird's

Days inn the Sun I want to spend forever with you and when it's night, I want to be solaced in your love that calms me

I am so much in disbelief each time I think someone as you could profess love to me and I must say I'm happy in your bowers

You make happy beyond my greatest wish or idle reveries

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