Wednesday, 6 September 2017

20 Text Girlfriend

Text your lady lover from time to time at least she knows how important she is to you even if not ask time with special ones like this that leaves a lasting effect

*Text Girlfriend*

Hello my dearest love, i stopped all I was doing just to say to you
I love you and I'm thinking of you now

I'll love you so long as there is a dying breath left in my lungs

My love for you is of a form, pristine and shall never fade

If time changes, heaven's countenance shift and earth rotates wrongly even, my love for you still shall never change

The day I stopped loving you is the day I cease wanting to toil on this earth

I love you so much like as though you are my favorite TV show 

The way I love you, I swear even now I know another cannot have the same

You are the only thing that I want to ever happen on a repeat in my life because with you there's not a rainy day not to be a rainbow

My love, have I ever told you, you are in my heart like an indelible tattoo. 
Well now I'm tell you so because I never want to write you off

So long as I have and shall have you, I have a reason to live

You are everything good with my life and anything without you spells bad

The day I'll less forget to remember is the very day I walked up to you confidence strengthened and ready to go and then you said Hi!, opening the floor for me and ever since I replay that day happily

You are so perfectly made that I wouldn't change a thing from you

If you are a road less plied, I'll still choose you

Loving you is a lot to me, of more paramount than the worth of food even

If to liken you as a good, you'll be my favorite meal eaten on a repeat

Your love is as special to me as water is to a dying man

Me loving you is a specialty of the nature because it's clear that every dying breed needs to be preserved
Your love fuels with more might than the weight of a stodgy meal

I love in ways that I had, have or will ever have for another

You are to me what a true love requires truly

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