Friday, 22 September 2017

21 Note To Girlfriend

Do not wait to seize the moment, make the moment with her, and with messages like this, believe me, you'll surely do

*Note To Girlfriend*

I am so in love with you just looking at your pictures now. 
Gawd, I just can't get enough of you

Your address will always be in my head and heart so long as I live

My love for you is the best thing that has happened to me

Nothing in this world is of your value to me, you are indispensable

The best of my life is you because nothing is anything if it's not you to me

With all honesty, I cannot love if it's not you

In all of earth, there is no replacing you for me

Like a plant that shall never wither despite it all, so is my love for you

My heart is yours to spare no matter what and no reason why, I'll love you with all of all of me

I just want to tell the lover of my life, body and soul that I love and with all of me adore her and luckily for me, that person is you. 
Love you dear 

You make it seem so easy to be happy because with you now I know how it feels

I am happy I saw you that  because now years later my life is for the better all because of that one day

You make everything good that hell will seem like earth with you in it but don't worry babe, you are mine together in heaven. 

I love you so much that I just want to love you on a repeat every single day and night

You are the only thing I will always will treasure forever

I am as in love with you as the Sun is bright

You make my today so beautiful that tomorrow seems bright

If you are a book I'll never tire to look on you all day long

I'll love you till its the last on death I'll ever do

Unlike Christmas my love for you will last more than a day

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