Saturday, 23 September 2017

21 Things To Say To Your boyfriend To Make him Smile

The perfect and pertinent message to make that guy lover of yours happy is this.
Send to him just that with this lost 

*Things To Say To Your boyfriend To Make him Smile*

Loving you was , has been and still is the best thing to have ever happened to me

You loving me is all I'll ever need because you open my eyes to feel what life sweetly gives

I lose my senses feeling love for you and I'm happy to

You make me happy so much I'll ever rue the every time I spend away from you

My love, when you call my name I get so happy to know that I'm ever fell in love with you because you are to me the best thing I'll ever need

You are the center of my universe and  the very reason I am thankful to have seen each day I lived

My love you will never part not now or in worlds to come

You are my mind and soul's joy, I love you more each and every day

I love you more with each passing day, never less but with more joy replete each morning again

A rose's brilliance has nothing on you because you are the most beautiful thing in my eye

If there's one word to I say how precious you are too me its like a banana to a monkey

You in one word are priceless to me 

Call me stupid but for you I'll take a fall because you are my life. 

For you I'll do anything because you are the reason I still believe I'm love

There's nothing that can ever rent us atwain because we are bound in love

The fantasy of you and me is the best dream I never pray to lose I'm our reality

My name is not the sweetest note there is but I love it when your day it

You stole my heart and since then I never pray you gave it back because you are the sweetest thief I have ever seen

Me being yours has been the best thing I have ever done in my life

You in my life makes it worthy of living

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