Saturday, 23 September 2017

22 Texts To Make Her Smile

Whilst Love is a feeling to be felt by the heart, it is geared by words that make each of the parties involved happy to stoke the said Love. 
Feel free to use from this to make that girl smile now

*Texts To Make Her Smile*

Here's the thing about my love for you, it's hard to put into words because there's no word enough to say how much I do really love you 

My love for you runs the gamut of ecstasy to pure thrill

Your love inspires the child in me

With you I feel like there's no end to a happy day

To accomplish all with you or nothing without you, I'll still choose because without you everything is still futile

The craziest and most amazing thing I've ever done with my life is loving you and I am happy I did

Your love brings out the best in me

My life is nothing like it is when I'm with you, you make me so happy

Your love make me happier than I ever wished for

I have been a fool since not finding you but you make my life all worth it now

Your love elates me to a soaring height each time I think of you

Without you I'll feel like a deflated balloon

Each and every time I can't help but think of you because I'm happily addicted to you

Everything associated with you is my most prized possession

Actually you and you alone brings me happiness and without you it's all sadness

I can't help falling in love with you everyday because you are just so pristine

In your arms, there's nothing more better

The sound of satisfaction is when I lie on your chest listening to you tell me you you love me as I do you

No words to explain my feelings for you, it's inexplicable

A pretty tough order it is to ever be a love again as the one I feel for you

You make me feel butterflies all over just thinking about you

You are my favorite subject to talk of all day long

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